B.TV CEO Clip with President & CEO of dynaCERT Inc. Jim Payne.

2017 TSX Venture 50® Overall Top Performing Company. Interview with dynaCERT's President & CEO, Jim Payne, on BNN.

CO2 Calculator

Select the type of Fuel
Select the unit of measure used for the fuel
Input the average fuel consumption in a year
Average Fuel Cost ($) per unit (Gallon) during the year
Select the percent of savings from our technology
Average Market Price of Carbon Credit


Your Annual Emissions CO2 CH4 N2O Total Direct GHG
Fuel Type Amount Units = kg CO2 per kg CO2e per kg CO2e per kg CO2e per
0 = 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000


Annual Emissions' savings with dynaCERT Carbon Footprint Reduction of CO2e Carbon Credits
CO2e not emmited by using dynaCERT's tech - Kgs saved - Tons Saved Label


Your Annual savings with dynaCERT In Tonnes In Dollars If Accounting for Carbon Credits
Annual Fuel savings by using dynaCERT's technology

Disclaimer: This calculator is provided only to illustrate potential fuel/CO2 Emissions savings. Calculator formulas and assumptions are based on benchmark formulas and actual results may vary.