B.TV CEO Clip with President & CEO of dynaCERT Inc. Jim Payne.

2017 TSX Venture 50® Overall Top Performing Company. Interview with dynaCERT's President & CEO, Jim Payne, on BNN.


Partners Sales & Marketing

Sheer Technology Inc.

Sheer Technologies is a privately held, Canadian company formed in 2010 to develop clean technology products that have dramatic benefits both environmentally and economically. Sheer Technologies has in-house expertise from both the automotive and aerospace marketplace. The company is funded from a combination of royalty revenues, government and private sources.

Global Partners Consulting, Canada, Inc.

Global Partners is an international consulting and technology licensing company.

They consult in the area of strategic planning and organizational execution to international corporations. The body of work that they practice and evolve is based on the research of Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer who teach at MIT and Robert Fritz who defined the structure, orientations and mechanics of the creative process. This work has been practiced at every level of business from the single entrepreneur, to multinational corporations and governments. View the following link: http://www.solonline.org

The principals of Global Partners also owned Active Marketing Ltd, domiciled in the Isle of Man. Over a fifteen year period they commercialized four technologies. Each of these technologies were developed from a concept to a commercial product and then achieved international market penetration.

AltEnergy Advisors Inc.

AltEnergy Advisors, Inc., headquartered in Des Moines, IA, USA, is a firm that focuses on technology transfers from North American firms to Chinese firms as well as resource acquisition and brokering to Chinese manufacturers. AltEnergy was formed by Shawn Carson and Yichen “MJ” Liu. A broad spectrum of projects have been transferred, sourced, and contracted including agricultural, automotive, alternative energy, traditional energy, financial, environmental, and transportation.

Successful projects focus on proprietary innovations being matched with the most capable Chinese firm(s) in terms of State equity position, gross capital, manufacturing and engineering capabilities, and potential market aggression and proliferation. AltEnergy’s partners utilize direct Chinese government access to expedite joint-venture and interaction, financing, and technology transfers.