B.TV CEO Clip with President & CEO of dynaCERT Inc. Jim Payne.

2017 TSX Venture 50® Overall Top Performing Company. Interview with dynaCERT's President & CEO, Jim Payne, on BNN.


On Road

dynaCERT is committed to supporting on-road customers with industry leading technology. Our commitment to on-road customers has lead to the development of the robust, reliable and effective HydraGen™ .

HydraGen™ has been designed so you can put it to work for your business right away. Before we launched HydraGen™, we spent thousands of hours on the design working with our engineers, customers, and conducting field tests to create the ideal product that would meet with our customer’s current and future expectations. Not only did the product need to be reliable, it needed to provide solutions for emission reduction, fuel savings and be manufactured so that customers could achieve a return on investment.

Created for use in diesel engines ranging from Class 6 to 8, HydraGen™ is a quality product that improves engine performance. Through our patent-pending electrolysis system, we are able to provide pure hydrogen and oxygen gases through the air intake, creating a more powerful combustion which provides:

Increased fuel economy

Lower emissions

Increased torque

Extending engine oil life

One size fits all is not our motto. That doesn’t work and our customers understand this. We designed HydraGen™ to be scalable, as well; we have the ability to test various concentrations of hydrogen and oxygen mixtures to create the perfect formula for specific engine types, and then calibrate it to maximize all the benefits. dynaCERT’s mechanics, engineers and partners are available to ensure customer satisfaction and as a team, we are focused on delivering results.

Setting the standard in the industry, we deliver when it comes to your needs through our products, support system and continued product development.

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Download HydraGen™ spec sheet (PDF)