DynaCERT is committed to supporting on-road customers with industry leading technology. Our commitment to on-road customers has lead to the development of the robust, reliable and effective HydraGEN™.

HydraGEN Dynacert

HydraGEN™ is a portable, safe and reliable aftermarket unit that produces hydrogen and oxygen on demand and is designed for on-road applications with class 6-8 engines.



Strong and durable

Strong and Durable

Weatherproof aluminium housing

Weatherproof Aluminium Housing

Vibration dampeners

Vibration Dampeners

HydraGEN™ has been designed so you can put it to work for your business right away. Before we launched HydraGEN™, we spent thousands of hours on the design working with our engineers, customers, and conducting field tests to create the ideal product that would meet with our customer’s current and future expectations. Not only did the product need to be reliable, it needed to provide solutions for emission reduction, fuel savings and be manufactured so that customers could achieve a return on investment.

Through our patent-pending electrolysis system, we are able to provide pure hydrogen and oxygen gases through the air intake, creating a more powerful combustion which provides:

Reduce fuel costs

Reduce Fuel Costs

by maximizing and keeping proficient efficiency and increasing fuel economy.

Lower emissions

Lower Emissions

By inducting H2 & O2 into diesel the CO2 amount is further reduced.

Increased torque

Increased Torque

Better burning force for your engine mean better performance.

Extending engine oil life

Extending Engine Oil Life

by maximizing the burn, which in turn helps oil last lurn.

How It Works

dynacert wheel hydragen hydragen wheel dynacert
hydragen wheel dynacert

Reduces Emissions at the Source

Hydrocarbons and CO2 are reduced, due to the absence of carbon in hydrogen fuel and also due to better combustion of diesel fuel with the aid of hydrogen which has a higher flame speed.

hydragen wheel dynacert

9x Flame Speed vs. Diesel

The flame speed of hydrogen is nine times faster than the flame speed of diesel, burning diesel in the presence of hydrogen will result in overall faster and more complete combustion.

hydragen wheel dynacert

Lean Burn = Less Fuel

The result of the more complete combustion of the diesel is higher effective pressure to do work, meaning less fuel is required to create the same amount of peak pressure.

hydragen wheel dynacert

More Oxygen

The induction of H2 & O2 contains oxygen; as a result, the increase in the air-fuel ratio improves the combustion resulting in lower fuel consumption and better efficiency.

hydragen wheel dynacert

Complete Combustion

The H2 & O2 gas provided by the HydraGEN™ system acts as a combustion enhancer, combusting the available diesel fuel more completely, faster, hotter and earlier in the power stroke.

Technical Specifications

hydragen specifications dynacert hydragen specifications dynacert

A HydraGen™ unit Includes:

• Computer health monitoring system

• Captured seals on the hermetically sealed hydrogen reactor

• Advanced reactor design with maximum efficiency electrode plates (max gas-min amps)

• Thermal compensation bolting system

• Solid state liquid level sensing

• Solid state leak detection sensor

• Stainless steel liquid containment pan

• Lightweight aluminum housing

• Threaded through way for all gas and liquid connections on housing

Download Hydragen™ Spec Sheet (PDF)

Other Markets

hydragen markets dynacert

Power Generation

hydragen markets dynacert


hydragen markets dynacert

Marine Transport

hydragen markets dynacert

Off-road Construction

hydragen markets dynacert

Rail Transport

One size fits all is not our motto. That doesn’t work and our customers understand this. We designed HydraGEN™ to be scalable, as well; we have the ability to test various concentrations of hydrogen and oxygen mixtures to create the perfect formula for specific engine types, and then calibrate it to maximize all the benefits. dynaCERT’s mechanics, engineers and partners are available to ensure customer satisfaction and as a team, we are focused on delivering results.

Setting the standard in the industry, we deliver when it comes to your needs through our products, support system and continued product development.

Contact us to find out how HydraGEN™ can benefit you.