AEM Electrolyser Technology

Cipher Neutron

Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolysis is the latest technology to produce Green Hydrogen. Anion Exchange Membrane electrolysis allows negatively charged Hydroxyl ions (OH-) to pass through the membrane and restricts positively charges ions (H+). These restricted protons (H+) combine to make Green Hydrogen gas on the cathode side and the Hydroxyl ions (OH-) combine at the anode side producing water and oxygen gas. Anion Exchange Membrane electrolysis offers many benefits over traditional PEM electrolysis and Alkaline electrolysis methods.

AEM Electrolysers do not use any precious metals like its competitors (PEM Electrolysers). The major issue with PEM technology is the high cost owing to the use of precious metals such as Platinum and Iridium as catalysts. Eliminating the use of these Platinum Group Metals coupled with our unique electrolyser design and ink recipe allows for a reduced capital cost and lower operating cost. Cipher Neutron’s AEM technology offers higher current density using significantly reduced amounts of corrosive electrolytes as used in other traditional technologies.

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